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Jazz is a form of dance that is directed by the sounds, rhythms and techniques of jazz music.  Our Jazz classes combine these techniques while introducing stylization and movements of Contemporary dance.  Emphasis is placed on incorporating jazz stretches and warm-up exercises, along with building upon progression combinations across the floor.  Execution of alignment and placement in jump, turns and leap tricks, as well as creative expression through stylized combinations are also practiced.

Levels offered in: 

Jazz 1/2: ages 6-8

Jazz 2/3: ages 8-10

Jazz 3/4: ages 9-11

Jazz 4/5: ages 11-13

Jazz 5/6: ages 12-16

To see when these classes are available or to register online: Check the Class Schedule

Jazz Technique Attire: all levels.

  • Required attire:
    •  Capezio Double Strap Camisole Leotard- Black
    •  Capezio TB11 Lowrise Boy Cut Short- Red
    •  Capezio Ultra Soft Transition Tights- Caramel
    • Capezio E Series Jazz Shoes: Split Sole, Slip-on- Caramel
    • Boys-  Black gym shorts with white t-shirt and Capezio E Series Jazz Shoes: Split Sole, Slip-on- Black
  • To Purchase your attire online please visit: