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Indy Dance All-Inclusive

Every student can learn, just not the same day or in the same way!

Our Indy Dance All—Inclusive program is customized to provide growth and development i
n the creative arts through therapeutic dance and movement available for ages youth through adults. The IDA-I curriculum
is a developmentally balanced program written by trained therapists who are also on staff as Dance Instructors at IDA. IDA-I’s primary focus is educational support to persons’ with developmental and intellectual disabilities, that promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth with in a group setting.


IDA- I Classes:  minimum age 9

These 30 minute class will involve a guided hands on approach to sensory and flexibility exercises, body awareness and isolations, movement to music in a fun classroom environment. Instructor will provide take home materials.

See when this class is available and register online: Check the Class Schedule


 Class Attire for all Indy Dance All-Inclusive Classes:

  • Athletic Wear or Dancewear.
  • Clean sole tennis shoes or socks.


Program Curriculum:  (includes but not limited to)

  • Proper guidance and development exercises
  • Exploration of rhythm, body awareness and movement .
  • Spatial awareness and growth
  • Increased body awareness ,improved flexibility, conditioning and strength
  • Development of social connections through working in a small group
  • Building self confidence as an individual and with in the group setting.
  • Motor skills , balance and coordination
  • development
  • Partnering/mirroring
  • Fun, enthusiastic environment

Workshops and Enrichment Classes are available upon request. Please call 317.218.3694 or email


 At IDA, we speak the language of dance movement which unites all people from diverse backgrounds.